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Ensure the Safety of Your HOA While Receiving a Group Discount

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When you share walls, fire safety is a concern for the entire community. Vertical Chimney partners with Home Owner Associations, Townhome and Condo Management Boards across Chicagoland to ensure the safety of all homeowners by cleaning and inspecting fireplaces and dryer vents across all units. By coordinating onsite fireplace cleanings, chimney video inspections and dryer vent cleanings, your HOA can ensure the safety of your building while also receiving a group discount rate on these services.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that fireplaces are cleaned and inspected every 1-2 years depending on frequency of use. Dryer exhaust vents should be cleaned and inspected every 1-2 years depending on size of household and number of pets in the household.

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Vertical Chimney has been partnering with Home Owner Associations for over 35 years.

Scheduling will be coordinated at the HOA’s convenience. Vertical Chimney can typically complete 15-20 fireplace cleanings per day.

Many Home Owner Association have incorporated rules or requirements that owners are responsible for cleaning dryer vents and chimneys on a scheduled basis. Not only does this ensure the safety of the community but this has helped some homeowners negotiate lower homeowner insurance rates at policy renewal time when they can furnish proof such maintenance regularly takes place.

The most effective way to address such requirements is for the Association to contract directly with vendors to provide these services rather than managing the collection of paid receipts across homeowners ensuring that all providers were licensed, qualified contractors who performed this work according to the latest safety standards.

Homeowners value the knowledge of our long-tenured, certified chimney sweeps to keep their fireplaces clean and safe.